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      The breakdown of a marriage is a major life transition that can affect every aspect of your life.  While divorce is notoriously known to be a long, financial and emotionally draining process, rather than having a costly drawn out attorney-driven divorce another option does exist.   By choosing mediation rather than litigation, it is possible to have a relatively painless and easy divorce.  Unlike a traditional litigated divorce, where a judge decides what happens, Dawn M. Saddik is skilled in helping people work to find the solution which is best for them and their family.  That solution is almost always better than the one a court would impose – you know your specific situation better than a court ever could. A mediated agreement can be crafted to take your particular needs into account, and can be reached without the long delays and attorney’s fees and costs of a court process.  Dawn will guide you through the settlement negotiations in a way that minimizes the financial and emotional harm of divorce.

      By choosing the mediation process and looking for an easy, painless and friendly divorce, you are taking control of the decisions that must be made in order to obtain an uncontested divorce.  As a neutral mediator, Dawn M. Saddik will guide you through the necessary decisions that need to be made, while respecting your independence to make your own choices in a safe environment. Mediation allows for expression of feelings in a supportive and structured environment, while retaining a clear focus on the decision-making tasks that need to be accomplished.  Each party will have the opportunity to speak openly and look for solutions that benefit both parties and to consider a wide range of options to settle the dispute.  For divorces involving children, mediation is a chance to design a schedule and parenting roles that is best for your own unique family, rather than by a judge who only gets a snapshot of your family’s situation.

     With going to court there usually is a winner and loser, or sometimes neither.  Mediation gives you and your spouse the control to plan your future where all parties involved feel they are winners. Through mediation, Dawn can help you determine your own destiny and end your relationship the way it started, amicably.

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