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Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

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      Dawn M. Saddik, an experienced Matrimonial & Family Law Attorney, Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, and Supreme Court of Florida Qualified Arbitrator has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1999. She is also a member of the Family Law Section and Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Florida Bar. Prior to law school Ms. Saddik was a Crime Scene Investigator for local police departments. While she began her law career practicing civil and criminal litigation as an associate attorney with local law firms, she soon decided to focus her efforts exclusively on family law matters and opened her own law firm in 2006. Since devoting her practice to family law and matrimonial matters, Ms. Saddik has dedicated her practice to finding new and improved ways to help clients with the emotional stress that divorce and family litigation can cause.  Having undergone a divorce of her own, Ms. Saddik is well aware of what her clients are going through. Ms. Saddik is the single mother of 2 children, one whom has special needs.  Through her own experiences professionally and personally, she guides her clients toward settlement of their family law disputes, rather than experiencing the emotional strain of expensive litigation.

        She has served as a neutral mediator for couples who wish to settle their issues without hiring attorneys, and she has mediated cases where both parties had their own attorney.

         Ms. Saddik is experienced in helping those who seek to avoid the stress and expense associated with divorce and post divorce issues.  She has helped many families make their own choices on what is best for their family unit, rather than a third party who only gets a snap shot of the family’s situation. Through mediation, Ms. Saddik can help you determine your own destiny and end your relationship the way it started, amicably.

         Because of Ms. Saddik having a child with special needs, she has additional personal and professional knowledge when it comes to unique family situations and issues. She is an advisor who can help you resolve your family law disputes in an efficient, informed, and relaxed manner, so that your family can move on with their lives.


Awards & Membership

Member of the Florida Bar  1999 – present

Current Member of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar

Current Member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Florida Bar

Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator  2012 – present

Supreme Court of Florida Qualified Arbitrator 2020 - present

Pro Bono Honor Award, Nova Southwestern University, Shepard Broad Law Center 1999

Former Crime Scene Investigator

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